About Healing Journey Counseling

Its pretty common for us humans to be walking a path toward things we care about and be presented with a challenge or a roadblock in our journey. Challenges can come in the form of life stressors, loss, illness, relationship conflict and transition challenges. Most times we are able to navigate these challenges on our own. However sometimes, managing them can become overwhelming and it may feel like the more we try to manage it, the bigger It becomes. 

It is at these times it’s helpful to have a travel guide. A therapist to help us navigate the terrain.

Amber Herring, LMFT, LAC

I am licensed in both marriage and family therapy and addictions counseling. In over 10 years in the mental health field, I have had the privilege of supporting many individuals , couples and families find healing and reconnect to things they care about. 

Therapeutic Approach 

I tend to bring a relationship lens to all sessions and believe that healing individually supports healing relationally and vise versa. I use Acceptance and Committment Therapy to support folks in identifying patterns that are keeping them stuck and might be reinforcing pain. In sessions, I support folks in learning alternative ways to navigate pain in order to reconnect to things that make life more rich and meaningful. I have witnessed many reclaim their passions, their lives and their relationships through this process and look forward to doing the same with you and yours.

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