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Healing Journey Counseling 

An outpatient private practice, where you can find healing from relational issues, general mental health issues, eating disorders and addictions. 

Its pretty common for us humans to be walking a path toward things we care about and be presented with a challenge or a roadblock in our journey. Challenges come to us in the form of life stressors, loss, transition, illness and relational conflict. Most times we are able to navigate these challenges on our own. However sometimes, managing them can become overwhelming and it may feel like the more we attempt to manage it, the bigger It becomes.

It is at these times it’s helpful to have a travel guide. A therapist to help us navigate the terrain. This is where Healing Journey Counseling comes in, to provide a travel guide. 

Individual Counseling 

Helping individuals bring awareness to and find healing from patterns that keep us stuck.

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Relational Counseling 

Helping couples and families bring awareness to and find healing from patterns that are maintaining conflict in relationship

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Eating Disorder and Addiction Recovery 

Helping individuals, couples and families learn tools to support recovery from eating disorder behaviors and addictions to subsgtance and processes.  

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